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Optimize your daily energy boost

Do you hop out of bed in the morning, ready to take on the day? Neither do we. That's why we created The Good Morning Pill™, an energy supplement that works.

Powerful benefits

Feel better every day

Just one pill will give you a boost of energy, metabolism, and focus that will help you to conquer your day.

The smart alternative

Save your stomach while never having to slug down another bitter energy drink or cold coffee. Our simple pill delivery is better for your teeth, your stomach, and your belly. It contains zero sugar, zero calories, and zero hard-to-pronounce ingredients.

Watch the savings pile up

Switch to The Good Morning Pill™ to save up to $1,000 per year compared to popular energy drinks and coffee chains. At less than 30 cents per pill, your spend only for the energy that you need without lining the pockets of some big corporation.


Simple formula

We took all of the great benefits of coffee and energy drinks, stripped out the ingredients that you don't need, and put it all in a simple pill.



A smooth surge of energy with no jitters and no crash later.*


C, B6, B12 and Niacin help round out our unique blend.

Pill delivery

Effortless to take and digest, with no bitter drinks to choke down.

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Customer testimonials

I’ve used many. This one is the best because there are no jitters, just constant eye opening energy all day. Bravo GMP!!
— Amazon user Happy Golfer on 3/30/13
For me this is a very easy way to be in a great mood and stay alert and energized all day.
— Amazon user Sarah on 3/30/13
Just got this yesterday and starting taking it today. I can feel a difference in focus and stamina with just one pill. Definitely a lot cheaper than downing 5hr Energy.
— Amazon user Sean on 3/14/13

Six more reasons to switch

  1. Save money. At just 33 cents per pill, the Good Morning Pill™ is much cheaper than an energy shot, energy drink or even brewed coffee.  Just check out our chart - a Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy, Monster, or Starbucks coffee is very expensive - now think of having 2 or 3 of them every day! A week of Good Morning Pills™ is about the same price as one morning of anything else!  Substituting a Good Morning Pill for an Energy Drink or Energy Shot every morning could save you $1000 per year!
  2. Save your stomach.  Instead of chugging a large coffee or energy drink, the Good Morning Pill™ doesn't mean drinking a lot of liquid.  This is especially helpful for users with a long commute, and there's nothing worse than excusing yourself from an important meeting to use the restroom.
  3. No Bad Taste.  If you hate the taste of coffee, energy drinks or energy shots, stop struggling! Save your time and your tastebuds by taking a Good Morning Pill™ instead.
  4. Zero Calories and No Artificial Sweeteners.  Energy drinks are loaded with calories or artificial sweeteners, and even low-calorie energy shots use artificial sweeteners to try to make the product taste tolerable.  The Good Morning Pill is a zero-calorie product that contains zero artificial sweeteners.
  5. Smooth, Long-Lasting Effects.  Because of the unique pill delivery, the effects of the Good Morning Pill™ are likely to last a long time without a too-strong initial burst followed by a crash.*
  6. American-Made and American-Owned.  The Good Morning Pill™ is made in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the company was founded and is owned by two Americans.